A new way to lock your Mac. Just walk away.

Use your iPhone to lock and unlock your Mac automatically. When you walk away from your Mac, it will be automatically locked. Once you approach your workplace, Near Lock will unlock your Mac.

You can easily set the distance on which your Mac should automatically be locked or unlocked. For additional security use Touch ID or Apple Watch to confirm each Mac login.

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Problems with iOS11 and macOS High Sierra

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iPhone App
Apple Watch
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The Near Lock family

Near Lock is available for your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch as separate apps.

Control multiple Macs

User Near Lock to lock and unlock multiple Macs, copy and paste clipboards, take photos on failed login attempts and many more features.

Background mode

Near Lock will work even when your iPhone is in your pocket. Of course, you can always launch Near Lock if you want to add new devices.

Background mode is available only in the PRO version of the application through In-App purchase


Seamless music control when locking and unlocking your Mac.

Access Anywhere

Quickly access Near Lock from Notification Center, through interactive notifications or via 3D Touch!

Mac Control

Use Near Lock to see who uses your Mac.

Find My iPhone

Ping your iPhone from your Mac while the bluetooth connection is established

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Apple Watch
iPhone 4S or newer
iMac late 2012 or newer
MacBook Air 2011 or newer
MacBook Pro 2012 or newer
Mac mini 2011 or newer
Mac Pro late 2013 or newer

OS X Mavericks or newer
iOS 7 or newer


I’ve been using the app all morning, and it has worked flawlessly! - MacTrast
Near Lock experience is great, I just take iPhone with me and leave while my Mac automatically locks. - Appinn
If you are worried that just being able to walk up to your Mac with your iPhone is a little insecure then the iOS app can be setup to require Touch ID authentication before it will unlock, which is a nice but still convenient way of accessing your Mac. - UKMac.net
If you have an iPhone 5S or newer you can even use your iPhone’s Touch ID to unlock your Mac. Using your own fingerprint to unlock your computer? Doesn’t get much more secure than that. - Guiding Tech

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