Near Lock V3.0


  • Detect failed login attempts into your Mac
    • receive an iPhone notification every time a wrong password in inserted into your Mac
    • take a photo on your Mac when a false password is inserted
    • generate and share a Near Lock Mugshot picture

  • Unlock Mac with Knock (Double knock)
    • login into your Mac by double knocking on your iPhone
    • unlock with double knock when you approach your Mac
    • unlock with double knock when password field appears on sleep screen
    • use knock to authorize Mac request: such as installing new software

  • Track login times
    • you can now see all the login logout information
    • track how users login into your Mac: manually, with password, using Near Lock, Apple watch
    • a nice user interface of the Mac login tracking information
  • Authorization requests settings
    • choose how you want to authorize the Mac authorization request: TouchID, knock, yes - no, none
  • Near Lock today widget settings on iOS
    • set up today widget restrictions in the iPhone settings
  • Added a new on-boarding Near Lock tutorial on iOS
    • a short, fun and simple tutorial about what Near Lock is about
    • a list of the most interesting features
    • this tutorial can be found on the Welcome screen
  • Improvements
    • improved the distance calculation
    • improved the login, logout speed
    • improving the bluetooth connection login
    • improving the error messages for a clearer understanding of possible problems
    • apple watch speed improvements
    • overall improvements and speed

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