iOS 10 & macOS Sierra updates

Hey Near Lock users

Sorry for the latest problems with iOS10 and macOS Sierra. It is not only Near Lock, other apps using Bluetooth Low Energy are also affected. Both iOS10 and macOS Sierra are having major issues connecting in the background.

I promise I will do my best to have a working version as soon a possible. It also depends on Apple but it should be really soon.

Update: 24 Sep, 2016

A new Mac version (3.6.1) was just released which makes Near Lock compatible with macOS Sierra.

Warning: On iOS 10.0.1 Near Lock will still not connect in the background. It is a known Apple bug and it should be fixed in their next release.

It also depends on the next Apple release but a new version of Near Lock for iOS10 and macOS Sierra is going thought final testing and should be available soon.

- Filip

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